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Baltimore,  Maryland, United States


Willow Hollow is a handmade jewelry business, owned and operated by Liz in Baltimore, Maryland.

  Liz grew up in Amish Country in Lancaster County, PA, with her American mother and Greek/Egyptian father. As a dual citizen with America and Greece, she spent summer vacations in Greece with her family. Liz has traveled to over two dozen countries, including Egypt and the Middle East, namely Bahrain, where she spent her high school years. Now settled in one country, Liz seeks to embody cultural authenticity with her three jewelry collections - Heritage, inspired by international cultures; Witch of the Willows, focusing on magic and the fantasy, her pastime and favorite comfort; and Handpicked, created with natural found elements, inspired by nature. 


From the artist:  

     I am a one-woman show creating designs, collecting materials, making hundreds of pieces a year, attending events, and managing the business of Willow Hollow. I also teach Theater in Baltimore, where I live with our cat, Emma, and my fiancée - I am proud to announce that we got engaged on August 9, 2018!!! With wedding prep, teaching theater, and doing my masters degree, I have been working hard to decide how this business should fit in, as it is as much a part of me as any other facet of my life, and I realized that was the answer. 


     Bridging my experiences into my jewelry and my page is essential to my goals as an artist. My jewelry is personal. I design hoping others will love it as I do, or find a personal significance of their own in my work, but I certainly bring my own love and understanding to each collection from unique, personal experiences. To that end, I hope you enjoy the winding road of Willow Hollow... where might it lead us? Stay tuned for collection, event, and website updates. 
Crafted with good intention - all pieces, created with native, natural materials, carry the energies of the elements. 
When she is not selling or making jewelry, Liz is traveling, reading on her porch, or teaching Theater Arts. 

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