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Baltimore,  Maryland, United States

Weirwood Tree Earrings


These earrings depict mystical-looking, fantastical trees embraced in a silver ring. The tree sways always within the hoop, but the hoop sways to its own rhythm.


In life we are the tree - attached to the Earth, turning independently from one another but always connected. These earrings help ground the wearer and focus their energies on what is healthiest, timely, and wise. 


Named for the Weirwood tree in George R.R. Martin's 'A Song of Ice and Fire'. The Weirwood is a magically-powerful tree that aids in seeing the future; so too does this earring set encourage the wearer to shape their future. 


    Materials: stainless steel pendant wire, and clasp. Glass beads. Iron earring backs. Nickel free, biodegradable.


    Handmade in Baltimore, Maryland.


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